1st time shopping online?

first time shopping online? fret not - here's a step-by-step guide in shopping with blackmilkproject!

step 1 : placing your orders
- fill in the order form with your full details, as well as the product info
- wait for an email confirmation from us on the availability of your ordered items. we will reply you within 24 hours. in the confirmation email, we will also quote you the total amount (inclusive of your preferred postage option), and the payment details.
- reservation of items are up to 12 hours only. if payment is not made upon order confirmation, items will be released to the next buyer in-line (if there is any).

*read up on our terms & conditions

step 2 : making payment
- payment via online transfer/ interbank transfer  : fill in our email (enquiry@blackmilkproject.com) in the space provided when making payment and item description so that we will get an automated email notification from the bank. attach and email to us the print screen of your payment receipt

- payment via cash ATM : cash ATM usually do not accept small notes. (ie. if your order amount is RM43). you can bank in RM50, and we will refund you the balance, either sending it together with the parcel, or you can provide us your bank account details and we will transfer it back to you. attach and email to us your receipt as a proof of payment.

- payment via paypal : payment to be made to blackmilkproject@gmail.com. 5% surcharge of paypal tax will be chargable to buyers.

*read up on our payment methods

step 3 : notify us after payment is made
- drop us an email after you've made your payment, and provide us all necessary proofs of payments (print screen/ snap a picture of your receipt)
- after you've notify us that you made payment, we will check our bank transaction, and will send you a payment confirmation email.

step 4 : delivery
- delivery will be made within 3 working days, unless stated otherwise. after delivery is made, we will update you your tracking number.

*read up on our shipping & delivery

if you have any further questions, do feel free to drop us a mail at enquiry@blackmilkproject.com