it's your totally awesome compliments!

we've compiled some compliments and feedbacks from our customers.
and ofcors, it'll be hypocritical to say that there's 100% customer satisfaction, but seriusly, we really really wanna take care of our customers. and we're really genuinely aiming to plant a smile on your face when you receive our parcels!

we'd very much appreciate your feedbacks to help us improve in striving to
serve you better regardless rain or storm!

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  1. Love BMP faux leather pants- satisfying! I like the pants and the price :D i'm sure to come and shop again!

    p/s: dont worry, i've spread news to my friends :D

  2. thank youuuuuu sooo much for the complimenttttttt!!!! ^^

  3. ordered the cropped army chiq jacket owl grey and LOVE it soooooo much! fast delivery! SURE will shoppe w BMP again ;) XOXO~